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Both ebook and paperback have full-color photos, one for each of the 30 birds, a beautiful portrait heading each chapter.

At the same time, this website, which contains portions of the ebook, grows periodically (slowly) through sequential postings.

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Extended Table of Contents in the Addendum

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A book about biodiversity, but also a book about American, indeed North American, diversity.

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yin yang


Table of Contents

For name of bird treated in each chapter, click Random Footnotes.      See Photo Credits for all photo artists exhibited in book.
Front matter  [here now]
Preface  [here now]
1 / Irresistible Lemmon  [here now]
Arizona mountain paradise, internment camp, hitchhiking.
2 / Above and Above  [here now]
High, high in the Rockies.
3 / Masked Sibilicide  [here now]
And on a key named Hospital!
4 / On the Border   [1st para]
Rio Grande crossing.
5 / Visiting Nobility     [1st para]
Whiskers, Distance, Delaware, enjoyment.
6 / Walking on Water
Saint Peter, pelagic zone, Texaco mugs, lamps.
7 / Contented Hog    [1st para]
In the desert, naked as the day I was born.
8 / Restricted Diet    [1st para]
Cold German wisdom, tribes, Apples, Everglades quest.
9 / Marineland
Palos Verde.
10 / Carderock    [1st para]
C & O Canal -- and computing.
11 / Valhalla    [1st para]
High, high in the sky. Always.
12 / Hammering
Yorkshire, Orange, drumming.
13 / Penelope  [here now] [New!]
California, New Jersey, wife of Odysseus.
14 / Bahamas Bird
Sunshine state's interior, mandibulation, Alexander Skutch.
15 / Burrow Bird
Oceanic, hole in the ground, Pacific.
16 / Percy Bysshe
Neighbor to the North. The devil fired three shots. Hawaii.
17 / Pawnee
Flat Colorado, auriculars, 4 million flock, not Hotspur.
18 / On the Rocks
Email aid, Purple possibility, pair bonding. Elliot (cows). Theosophy.
19 / Marathon    [1st para]
Dentist's drill, airport habitat, parallel perching, nights out.
20 / Well Loved
Tiny cousin to a giant, big-city park, 80% fall, "brood reducer."
21 / Alas, Lost Cousin
1 flock 2bn, Martha-last, Incas-last, cabaret act, Kendall, Monks, genome.
22 / Bombay Hook
Boompies, supercilium, Siberia, CCC, migrant catastrophe.
23 / Back Bay    [1st para]
Notorious jursidiction, classy shorebird, French diet, candlesticks, oil.
24 / Unexpected Popup
Hiawatha, beavers, U.P., Connecticut, Audubon and family of scientists.
25 / Presidio    [1st para]
Searching for Quail Commons, Baird, Cassin, Lawrence, Fighting Fred.
26 / Little Creek
Arctic to Equator, cosmic rays.
27 / Tiger Creek
Walk-in-the-Water Rd, scrub, shape-shifter, procoracoid foramen
28 / Taxonomic Birding    [1st para]
Names and names, Linnaeus (6 names), Nominalism, digging wells.
29 / Deceiving Appearance
Soft-shell crabs, baby seal eyeballs, gouging whales, 1664, Sotterly.
30 / Florida Canyon    [here now] [Brand New!!]
Skutch again, Dr Jenkins, in Florida but not in Florida, rufous pileum, C.R.
Addendum*  [here now]
Additional postings/Notifications  [here now] (Our What's New page)
Horseshoe crabs, chewing with your legs, Blue-blood Harvest, Moonbird.
Afterword  [here now]
Photo Credits  [here now]
Random Footnotes   [here now]
Special note: For a listing of chapters that includes each bird's name, click on Random Footnotes.
* includes author profile
** in ebook and paperback only

One last thing:
Hardy has published a new book, this one about China.

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Just as with the book here, there's a companion website: chinagreenlake.com
China Green Lake: Reflections from the Surface of China by Hardy Wieting, Jr
people often incorrectly spell it Weiting

   Birds treated, but not featured (see Photo Credits):