30 Birds

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Hardy Wieting, Jr

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Names: Wieting, Jr, Hardy

Title: 30 Birds

First Edition

Subjects: Complete Subjects List in Addendum's Extended Table of Contents.

yin yang

To pursuers of the role of beauty.

Charles Darwin, Richard O. Prum, David Rothenberg, et al.

Nikola Tesla, who fell in love with a pigeon.

Alexander Wilson, Lewis and Clark, William Bartram, Mark Catesby, John Cassin, John Muir, Eliot Coues, Joseph Grinnell, Ludlow Griscom.

Erma "Jonnie" Fisk, Harriet Mann Miller, Margaret Morse Nice, Elsie Naumburg, Barbara DeWolfe, Amelia Laskey, Elizabeth Dickens, Graceanna Lewis, Althea Sherman, Cordelia Stanwood, Rosalie Edge, Frances Hamerstrom, Jessie Maye Smith, Elsa Allen, Betsy Bang, Sally Hoyt Spofford, Helen Hays, Terry Masear, Sandra Vehrencamp, Judith Toups, Pamela Rasmussen, Mercedes S. Foster, Florence Merriam Bailey, et al.

Albin, Abbot, Wilson, Audubon, Jones, Jasper, Grayson, Hill, Peale, Fuertes, the Goulds, Lear, Horsfall, Maynard, Peterson, Singer, Sutton, Dick, Weber, Sibley, Alderfer and other artists.

Ted Parker and Olivier Messiaen, bird listeners, Epode.

To family, friends, photographers.

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