30 Birds


The triumvirate I wish to thank first: Robert Chipley, Larry Master, and Bob Jenkins, first class ornithologists, ecologists, and conservationists, all three. Each appears in more than one account here, leading the way, but their overall influence in pointing the path for me to a series of many intellectually rewarding and completely enjoyable experiences cannot be overstated.

For this I am deeply grateful and delighted we had such great times together.

Others are: Bill Roe (Ramsay Canyon), Scott Mills (Mt Lemmon), Terry Johnson (San Pedro), Keith Carr (Wigeons), Ken Wright (Kites), Stephen Gerow (Sandpipers), Tom Grey (Thayer's), Mike Wald (Goldfinches) Dave Wilcove (Owls), Ben Brown (Gray Ranch), Brainard Palmer-Ball (Flycatchers), Bill deBuys (Salton Sea), Dick Luddington (Tallahassee), Walt Sedgwick ("dead duck on a plate"), Phil Hoose (Seney scrambled eggs), Shindelman (Owls), Elliot Kirschbaum (Swifts), James R. Duncan (Owls), Katherine McKeever (Owls), Bill Robertson (Tanagers), Ted of La Honda (Sandpipers), George Fenwick (birds), Craig Groves (Partridges) Phil Caidin (Parakeets), Philip Chiu (Sparrows), Roland and Cathy (Goldfinches), Brian Sullivan (Puffins), Don and Clarice Ford, Steve Morrison, Steve and Sharla Shettler (Hawks). (I apologize if my memory's failed me on anyone).

Plus, many, many others met along the way, with whom I shared and enjoyed much, but whose names I never knew.

Birds treated, but not featured (see Photo Credits):